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She’s always been a lap dog ❤️

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She’s always been a lap dog ❤️
27 Aug 14 at 2 pm

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Martín Espada, Imagine the Angels of Bread (via amodernmanifesto)

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This is the year that squatters evict landlords,
gazing like admirals from the rail
of the roof deck
or levitating hands in praise
of steam in the shower;
this is the year
that shawled refugees deport judges
who stare at the floor
and their swollen feet
as files are stamped
with their destination;
this is the year that police revolvers,
stove-hot, blister the fingers
of raging cops,
and nightsticks splinter
in their palms;
this is the year
that darkskinned men
lynched a century ago
return to sip coffee quietly
with the apologizing descendants
of their executioners.

This is the year that those
who swim the border’s undertow
and shiver in boxcars
are greeted with trumpets and drums
at the first railroad crossing
on the other side;
this is the year that the hands
pulling tomatoes from the vine
uproot the deed to the earth that sprouts the vine,
the hands canning tomatoes
are named in the will
that owns the bedlam of the cannery;
this is the year that the eyes
stinging from the poison that purifies toilets
awaken at last to the sight
of a rooster-loud hillside,
pilgrimage of immigrant birth;
this is the year that cockroaches
become extinct, that no doctor
finds a roach embedded
in the ear of an infant;
this is the year that the food stamps
of adolescent mothers
are auctioned like gold doubloons,
and no coin is given to buy machetes
for the next bouquet of severed heads
in coffee plantation country.

If the abolition of slave-manacles
began as a vision of hands without manacles,
then this is the year;
if the shutdown of extermination camps
began as imagination of a land
without barbed wire or the crematorium,
then this is the year;
if every rebellion begins with the idea
that conquerors on horseback
are not many-legged gods, that they too drown
if plunged in the river,
then this is the year.

So may every humiliated mouth,
teeth like desecrated headstones,
fill with the angels of bread.


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A few of the many characters voiced by Cree Summer.

I love that any time you hear that awesome, kind of raspy but in a good way, voice, you know it’s gonna be good :)

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i clicked on a tree and

this game is too deep for me

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i clicked on a tree and
this game is too deep for me
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Yes, girl

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Do not go to the liquor store on 90th and MacArthur, around 10-14 Black men will be standing out there with vans and they will try to snatch you up, the Arab dudes who own the liquor store are in on it do not go there during the night, if it wasn’t for my boyfriend being with me last night they would have got me #staywoke


This is sad

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Damn she went in

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Darren Wilson supporters are the literal worst. 

this is sick

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"Do you change your underwear more often than your hair colour?"

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College is viewed as a necessity, yet priced as a luxury.

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according to popular show like pretty little liars

teen girls dress like this everyday


with a completely different outfit every single day never wearing the same thing


at school


and they are all flawlessly beautiful and have impeccable bodies


u know what teenage girls really look like?


or this


or this


and wear shit like this


adn this


why is it so fucking hard to have a show that portrays girls in a realistic flawed way. why do we keep lying to ourselves so much

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Iggy Azalea and spilled fries

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